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All the implants of NEURO FRANCE Implants are manufactured in our premises located in La Ville aux Clercs, in the center part of FRANCE. NEURO FRANCE Implants is a human-sized company of around twenty employees who strive to listen to and satisfy its partners, customers and, of course, the wellbeing of patients.


Since 1998, NEURO FRANCE Implants specialized in the design and manufacture of spinal implants and instruments. The range of spinal implants is varied, it includes a cervical disc prosthesis, cervical and thoraco-lumbar fixation and fusion systems for anterior, posterior, antero-lateral approach, for conventional or percutaneous surgery…

Rachis NFI
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Since 2012, NEURO FRANCE Implants offers a wide range of implants for chest surgery. This range makes it possible to reconstruct the chest wall (reduction of single and multiple fractures, thoracic flaps, costectomies ...) but also to replace the sternum, the manubrium and the part of the damaged ribs of a patient (after total or partial sternectomy).

Thorax NFI
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From development to implant placement, our team is multidisciplinary in order to offer you complete surgical implant systems for the Spine and the Thorax. Our systems for the spine are intended for the treatment of many spine diseases (scoliosis, tumor, instabilities, hernias, neuralgia ...). Our systems for the thorax allow chestwall reconstruction (sternal replacement, thoracic osteosynthesis, treatment of the large deformities like the PECTUS type).

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