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TRIONYX, feedback from Dr ABOU TAAM

More and more healthcare professionals are implementing and appreciating our TRIONYX® sternal reconstruction system every day. TRIONYX,® a unique system in the world that recreates a robust and flexible structure of the rib cage.

TRIONYX® sternal implants

This summer, at the Claude Galien private hospital  (Paris region), Dr ABOU TAAM, a specialist in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery performed his second operation with our TRIONYX® sternal prosthesis.

A 120 mm long sternal plate and 6 sternal staples later, the patient is fine. Dr ABOU TAAM tells us about his experience with the TRIONYX® :


NEURO FRANCE Implants : “Why did you decide to use TRIONYX®? What are the advantages of the implant that convinced you? “”

Dr ABOU TAAM : “I had to use the TRIONYX® devices to perform complex reconstructions of the chest wall after cancer surgery of the sternum and/or ribs.

The aim is then to provide protection coverage for the noble organs in the immediate vicinity (heart, lungs and large vessels) but also to ensure correct respiratory dynamics by restoring functional and aesthetic anatomy.

The main advantages are the inert, solid character and the adaptability of this material to each anatomy, different for each patient and each pathology.”


NEURO FRANCE Implants : “Can you tell us about your experience with TRIONYX® material devices? Do you think that the sternal prosthesis has kept all its promises? “

Dr ABOU TAAM : “Whenever a sternal reconstruction using the TRIONYX® was performed, I was able to observe the objectives sought : restoration of an anatomical aesthetic aspect, solidity and restoration of the functional respiratory anatomy. The coverage of this material by a muscle flap ensures post-operative confort for the patient and a reduction in the risk of infection.”


NEURO FRANCE Implants : “A few months after their surgery, how are your patients doing?”

Dr ABOU TAAM : “Patients are well satisfied with this surgery despite the well-know heaviness of these precedures. Muscle pain can be observed, probably corresponding to even minor changes in bone and muscle ratios in the rib cage. These pains do not seem to affect the quality of life of these patients.”


NEURO FRANCE Implants : “Would you recommend TRIONYX® material to your colleagues? Why ?”

Dr ABOU TAAM : “For these reasons mentioned above, I continue to use this material and recommend it in situations where partial or total sternal excision is required. The availability of the technical team for the implantation of this device is a significant advantage during the first procedures.”