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The PM BUTTERFLY® system is intended to provide osteosynthesis between two or more cervical vertebrae thanks to a plate and cervical screws.


– Degenerative spine
– Cervico-brachial neuralgia (myelopathy – radiculopathy)
– Tumor
– Trauma

Contents of the system

– PM BUTTERFLY® anterior cervical plates
– STABILAR® cervical locking or standard screws (Ø 4 mm – L from 10 to 22 mm)


21 sizes of plates, a complete range allowing to adapt to each patient (L 21 mm to L 86 mm – for an arthrodesis of 1 to 5 levels).

With their thin profile, the PM BUTTERFLY® plates reduce the possibility of soft tissue irritation (thickness of the plates : 1,80 mm) while providing anatomical mechanical strength to bending and extension constraints.

The fixation of the implant is secured by a double corporeal screwing and STABILAR® locking screws.