Our implants

We offer you systems with a wide range of possibilities allowing surgeons great freedom in their decision-making: thoraco-lumbar, cervico-thoracic, cervical and paediatric fixation systems, thoraco-lumbar, percutaneous and cervical interbody fusion systems, a cervical disk prosthesis. Our systems are mutually compatible, while, at the same time, meeting the needs of spinal surgery indications.

Thoraco-lumbar fixation

We offer you systems with a wide range of possibilities allowing surgeons great freedom in their decision-making. With the same screw, we give the surgeon an intra-operative choice between plates or rods of 5 or 6 mm, we have a huge range of monoaxial or polyaxial screws of different diameters and lenghts, "top-loading" and "side loading". We have rigid, semi-rigid and dynamic fixation systems, posterior fixation systems, posterior and posterior-lateral percutaneous or anterior-lateral fixation systems to solve problems of degenerative, traumatic, scoliotic, lordotic and tumoral spinal problems.

KM system
CTJ system
Dynamic interpedicular FLEXIROD® system
SES AXIS system
WSH system
SIP system
VKM system
ATLAS system

Thoraco-lumbar fusion

Wether your client is looking for titanium alloy or peek interbody cages, we can provide you with both. We have total surface graft cages for the anterior approach, screw or impaction, posterior or interior interbody cages, interbody cages for percutaneous posterior-lateral approach or anterior-lateral approach. all of our interbody cages offer a large grafting surface and have simple effective intrumentation.

Interbody fusion cage SHARK
Impacting cage LG
Screw-in cage LV
Anterior cage CAL PEEK
Anterior cage CAL
Cage percutanée EUROPA®
Banana cage

Cervical and paediatric fixation

We have single, double or locking anterior cervical plates of different lenghts. the cervical screws fit just as wel onto our anterior cervical plates as onto our posterior cervical plates.the instruments are common to the anterior and posterior systems. we can offer you a paediatric posterior stabilization system with or without fixation of the ocipito-cervical hinge joint. This low profile sustem contains "tulip" polyaxial screws, 3mm rods, occipital rod-plates, cranial screws and 3x5mm rod connectors to connect onto the classiscal monoaxial or polyaxial "tulip" screws. It is intended for children and alolescents.

Paediatric systems KM BEBE
Cervical plate PJF
Occipito cervical junction JOC

Cervical fusion

Choose between a classical interbody titanium alloy cage system which can be connected to the anterior cervical plate via a connection screw or a "standing alone" interbody millimetrical and anatomical peek cage system.

Anterior cage STABILAR® CCA
Plate cage ESCP

Disk prosthesis

Cervical disk prosthesis DYNALIS-C®

Costal and sternal fixation